My Teaching Philosophy :

What is the place of the artist in society? I feel the artist to be caretaker of the heart. Human beings have empathy for each other, for other creatures even for plants. The artist values this empathy. Through empathy we learn humor and compassion, and we find a path to human nature. We also learn to appreciate what is common in every human being. The artist in any media seeks to communicate, and, ultimately reach the hearts and minds of others through their artwork, and this is how they measure their success.

To communicate through any media we need to understand how employ our craft. We learn this through immersion. We study nature, we look to the great art of our predecessors, we train our eyes, our ears, our mind, and our heart, to become more perceptive more sensitive that we may say something more. A good teacher will emphasize the fundamentals until the student becomes the artist. The fundamentals are constant through every culture every medium and every masterpiece.

“I feel commonality with the Impressionists school and the Chinese and Japanese Zen painters  in that I am captivated by nature and through my artwork attempt to capture a sense of the moment in nature and, just as important, the spirit or energy of nature. Through the media of watercolor and my process of painting I find power through brushwork, and subtlety through transparency.”

“Watercolor differs from other media in that there is a performance aspect to it. The fine pieces come out in one sitting and very often like a classic performance, something happens, a fusion of mind and subject, an improvisation that cannot be duplicated” – Gary Tucker

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