Student Testimonials

You are an inspiring teacher with a gift for demonstrating the many facets of watercolor.  I feel enormous gratitude for every class because you give direct attention to each student’s particular style; you help with problems in our paintings; and you encourage us by pointing out the successful aspects of our work along with gentle yet positive critiques that are most helpful in going forward with the next painting.  I’ve said before that painting is “a sweet torture”.  You give us the courage to keep at it!

Carol Arnaud

Gary Tucker is an inspiring watercolor artist and a gifted teacher. He believes in the innate creativity of all adults to respond to the world of nature, those new to watercolor and inexperienced and those returning to painting or seasoned. He intuitively and sensitively provides supportive feedback to foster each person’s growth and development.  I, as an artist returning to art, have studied with Gary for a number of years. In discussing my evolving paintings I am always moved by his gifted eye, his ability to grasp my intentions and provide feedback to support my ongoing development. He is very open to communicate and share his ongoing creative process.

-Joan Ditzion

Gary Tucker is a wonderful artist and a superb teacher. I have been a student in Gary’s classes for a number of years. Through his positive style and approach he inspires and motivates. Whether someone is a beginning art student (as I was when I took my first class with Gary) or more advanced he addresses each person’s art with dignity and respect, thereby encouraging growth and confidence, all of which transcends the classroom. My experiences in Gary’s classes have been life enhancing. Learning to see and observe nuances in the world around us along with Gary’s creation of a safe and nurturing classroom environment in which to develop our art has been priceless. Gary is a great teacher and I am fortunate to be in his class.

-Barbara duMoulin

I had been drawn to the phrase on the Kaji Aso website, “Art as a way of life,”and I experienced that philosophy in the two classes I took there with Gary Tucker. Every week we had a beautiful still life to sketch – pinecones, grasses, fruit, flowers. During the spring course, we had the flowers that were in bloom that week. The weekly assignments got me outdoors in search of magnolias, cherry blossoms, lilacs and great subjects that had never occurred to me, such as tree roots. Classes were a bright spot in my week: Gary drew along with the class; we shared our work; we had tea; the white doves, Ether and Pearl, were nearby. It was a course where the instructor was thoughtful and went beyond what you’d expect. I usually didn’t finish the still life and didn’t have a cell phone or camera. Gary would take a photo from my vantage point and email it to me. The quality of my drawing improved over the course of the winter and spring classes. While taking the courses, my experience was further enriched by events at the studio. I especially enjoyed overhearing a group preparing for a pageant; reading the entries from the finalists in the haiku contest; and attending the exhibition “Tree” and seeing its online catalogue. Even though I’m not at present taking a class at the studio, I am kept informed through email of what is going on.

– Joan McCarthy

I joined Gary’s watercolor class 3 years ago, after painting off and on for some time. From the start he was very encouraging of my efforts, and provided suggestions to improve my technical skills while making sure that I develop my own vision and style. Students do one still life at each session, guided by Gary as necessary, plus homework of another painting on a topic set by him, which is reviewed by the whole class the following week. He is friendly and supportive, and his comments are always positive. In the current session, with increased student numbers, Gary has expanded class teaching to include a lecture on a topic in watercolor painting, and a demonstration of methods. These have enriched the students’ experience significantly.

Gary is a natural teacher with a clear commitment to art, and the students enjoy their time in the class. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, but we are serious about our own efforts and work to improve our painting. This is clearly an excellent class for anyone interested in watercolor painting, and I can recommend it without hesitation.

– Joan Lowcock  April 2013

Gary your class is more than learning how to paint. It is a safe community of caring people who support and encourage each other as they try to become better water colorists with your help. Your support and your humor make the class A plus.
– Wendy Grew

have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Gary’s classes. I haven’t missed one in the last 2 years”. “He is extremely informative and gives great constructive ideas on our paintings. “ “ Having not taken an art class in over 35 years I was very nervous but he is very patient and encouraging. “ “His works are very inspiring and gets you thinking what is possible
– Carolyn

I have been a student of Gary’s for several years.
He is an inspiring and accomplished painter and teacher. He is excellent at demonstrating techniques. He gives careful and thoughtful critiques pointing out accomplishments and also showing each of us what could be improved according to our own individual styles and experience. Each class is happy and ,positive and his dedication to and joy in painting is contagious.
– Gretchen Conklin

Over the past 5 years I have taken two colored pencil classes with Gary and now a water color class. Like many of Gary’s students I have a back ground in drawing; but with the commitments of family and career I’d drifted away and was out of practice.

What I find unique in Gary as an instructor is his ability to comfortably both address my needs as a student and those of my class mates who are first venturing into art as an adult with little or no experience.

Each critique focus’ on the individuals growth from their previous work that Gary has seen. He discusses the composition, color use, process the individual may use and its strengths suggesting different decisions that were made. Everyone is able to take away something from their personal critiques and those of their fellow students. Each is nudged to take risks in the kindest, most supporting way.

– Harris Levitt

It has been a pleasure to be in Gary’s class, he makes great insights into how to approach paintings I work on and I feel I have made great progress in his class. He is a great supportive teacher with a nice calming presence.
– Cynthia Waite

Gary’s teaching style is a wonderful combination of encouraging each student as an individual artist, developing his/her own style as it emerges while also presenting demonstrations of the watercolor process, so that a learning process is set in place. He values homework assignments which become an important part of the class bonding through sharing and critiquing. Because of Gary’s influence, I now view the world through more painterly eyes!
– Jane Orner

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