Gary Tucker Bio:

Gary Tucker was drawing and painting from an early age, even in high school he began to think more seriously about life as an artist, and with the support of family and a chance meeting a life long mentor and artist, Anita Fahs, he started to make art his life path. Mrs. Fahs introduced oil painting, the impressionists, and the value of working from life. The lessons learned in her mountain studio created a foundation for his artwork and his philosophy regarding art. Upon leaving high school he studied in Santa Fe, and then Colorado College . Eventually Gary was drawn east to Boston where he enrolled at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Here Gary studied with Professor Kaji Aso, an artist from Japan, who taught watercolor and Japanese Calligraphy. Professor Aso introduced eastern aesthetics, Calligraphy and Sumi painting. Gary was also introduced to the media of watercolor and found he could achieve more subtlety and expressiveness in his painting.
Gary along with other artists helped to create and maintain the Kaji Aso Studio, an atelier styled art school in Boston’s Fenway area which offers classes in the arts, an active gallery, and a performance center.

Gary continues as a trustee to the Studio and also continues to teach in the Boston area and exhibits his work regularly at the Studio and other venues in New England.

“I feel commonality with the Turner, the Impressionists, and the Chinese and Japanese Zen painters  in that I am captivated by nature and through my artwork attempt to capture a sense of the moment in nature and, just as important, the spirit or energy of nature. Through the media of watercolor and my process of painting I find power through brushwork, and subtlety through transparency.”

“Watercolor differs from other media in that there is a performance aspect to it. The fine pieces come out in one sitting and very often like a classic performance, something happens, a fusion of mind and subject, an improvisation that cannot be duplicated” – Gary Tucker

My Teaching Philosophy :

What is the place of the artist in society? I feel the artist to be caretaker of the heart. Human beings have empathy for each other, for other creatures even for plants. The artist values this empathy. They value this world, they value their senses, they value the heart of human beings, and seek to stimulate the hearts of others through their artwork.

To communicate through any media we need to understand how employ our craft. We learn this through immersion. We study nature, we look to the great art of our predecessors, we train our eyes, our ears, our mind, and our heart, to become more perceptive more sensitive that we may say something more. A good teacher will emphasize the fundamentals until the student becomes the artist. The fundamentals are constant through every culture every medium and every masterpiece.

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